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THE MIGHTY REGIS? Mighty Astounding! - The galleon, she sinks...

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November 15th, 2008

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12:40 pm - THE MIGHTY REGIS? Mighty Astounding!

Whew! THE MIGHTY REGIS put on one hell of a show at this past Thursday's Muirshin Durkin at Clancy's in Long Beach. They're a phenomenal bunch of people, and I encourage you to see them in small venues while you still can, because I see big things (and big stadiums) in their future.

Overall, it was just a really positive night, filled with high energy and warm, fuzzy feelings: an excellent crowd fueled by excellent music. This all served as a bright, encouraging reminder of why I wanted to start this sort of thing in the first place. If you missed out, I'm sorry for your loss. If you really want to rub salt in the wound, Jason DeFillippo (who is, among other things, a photographer; his work was recently featured as the cover of Liam Clancy's new album) captured the spirit of the evening with a few heartwarming -- or heartbreaking if you weren't there -- pictures.

But take heart! We hope to have 'em back in a few months -- and they're one of the hardest working bands on the circuit right now, so I imagine you'll be able to see 'em at a favorite watering hole near you (if you happen to live near Los Angeles or San Diego). I know I'll be seeing 'em at The Auld Dubliner in Long Beach on November 22nd; check their site for upcoming shows and, for Pete's sake, pick up their new album. It's stunning.

Next month's Muirshin Durkin will be on December 11th (as always, the second Thursday of every month), and we'll be proud to present HOIST THE COLORS. The lads and lady from THE MIGHTY REGIS had nothing but great things to say about them, which leads me to believe that you should take the opportunity to get your filthy mugs out of the house and over to Clancy's that night! I know I'm already looking forward to it -- and looking forward to seeing you there!

Current Location: Long Beach, California
Current Mood: optimistic
Current Music: The Mighty Regis - Scotland (You Owe Us)

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