The galleon, she sinks...

according to Robert Glen Fogarty

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Robert Glen Fogarty
11 July
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There's a disco in my belly. Mad whoops and thundering bass shake the dance floor while sirening divas pierce the chaos with their cacophonic wailing. I imagine bright lights and celebrity sightings, too. I've never liked discos. I lie in bed the rest of the day, suffering.

Other interests include: the jazz butcher, sea shanties, the vindictives, silly wizard, gloria swanson, the revolting cocks, chris elliott, pandora's box, mississippi john hurt, jonathan richman, those bastard souls, sailing ships, christy moore, soul side, screamin' jay hawkins, servotron, the plus ones, the book of kells, pailhead, trio, hoaxes, man bites dog, the omen, sweet baby, the crucifucks, the lonely trojans, isocracy, faster pussycat! kill! kill, bhopal stiffs, acoustic blues, m.i.a, the tenant, cutlasscore, chicago pizza, delicatessan, the tall guy, the fucktwirls, the dayglow abortions, celtic illuminations, drinking songs, justice howard, sewer trout, the dogmatics, the bollweevils, tommy makem, big stick, the hi-fives, the darling buds, the deer hunter, andy prieboy, john faulkner, the clancy brothers, test department, the fearless vampire killers, supervixens, my dad is dead, the battlefield band, mary's window, robert silverberg, wiseblood, ticklepenny, sons of ishmael, death & the maiden, american mosquito, air miami, seamus ennis, the ne'er do wells, adrenalin o.d, crimewave

1984, 7 seconds, army of darkness, bad brains, bagpipes, basquiat, bellatrix, belle & sebastian, better off dead, big black, bikini kill, billie holiday, billy bragg, bis, black flag, blue velvet, bratmobile, buzzcocks, celtic music, christ on a crutch, clara bow, clive barker, cometbus, conflict, cranes, crimpshrine, dead can dance, dean martin, devo, douglas adams, dr. who, einsturzende neubauten, elvis costello, esquivel, evil dead, evil dead 2, fawlty towers, flogging molly, foetus, front 242, fugazi, glenn miller, grenadine, h.p. lovecraft, heathers, hellblazer, history, indie music, james joyce, jawbreaker, johnny cash, joseph campbell, joy division, kids in the hall, kissing, leadbelly, leonard cohen, los crudos, louise brooks, love spit love, lydia lunch, miranda sex garden, mission of burma, mudhoney, mythology, naked raygun, neil gaiman, neurosis, nick cave, nina hagen, nitzer ebb, nosferatu, operation ivy, patsy cline, philip k. dick, piracy, pj harvey, planet of the apes, postcards, pranks, preacher, public image ltd, punk rock, rainy days, ralph steadman, rasputina, ray bradbury, red dwarf, repo man, robert johnson, robyn hitchcock, rocket from the crypt, rosemary's baby, rum, samiam, sandman, screeching weasel, seafood, shane macgowan, silent film, singing, sixteen candles, skinny puppy, soylent green, spaghetti westerns, spiders, suburbia, sunset boulevard, sushi, tattoos, taxi driver, the amps, the avengers, the b-52's, the beautiful south, the breakfast club, the chemical brothers, the chieftains, the cramps, the damned, the descendents, the fisher king, the germs, the housemartins, the pixies, the pogues, the psychedelic furs, the replacements, the smiths, the sugarcubes, the tossers, the velvet underground, the young ones, they might be giants, this is spinal tap, this mortal coil, time bandits, tom robbins, tom waits, travel, tron, true romance, unrest, up, vertigo comics, violent femmes, wall of voodoo, wine, writing, x

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